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Discovering His Psychic Abilities

Wilson discovered his psychic abilities as a young child.  Often he would receive messages instructing him to do certain chores and actually thought that his Mother was verbally telling him these things only to learn later that she had  thought of asking him to do the chores but had not spoken to him about them.  She was amazed to find that he had done them without any verbal conversation with her.  Today Wilson's Mother continues to communicate with him even though she has passed over to the other side. 

His personal style for group sessions differs from what other mediums may use, as a matter of fact, he has a unique style for communicating with those on the other side as well.  These events are often entertaining as the messages that come through can be very funny. He has changed many skeptics into being believers.  It's evident after attending just one of his events and hearing the messages that he gets from those who have passed that we do take our sense of humor with us. 

Wilson is also well known in many communities for his many fundraising events he hosts for various organizations.

Psychic readings are intended for entertainment only.

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